About Eastpointe

Welcome to Eastpointe Christian Church. Eastpointe is an independant, non-denominational church located near Columbus, Ohio. We teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as found in God's Holy Word, the Bible—our only source of authority. Our church began in 1952 in Whitehall, Ohio. In 2004, we relocated to our current facility on Waggoner Road.


| Our Mission |

Love God, Love People, Make Disciples.

We find these imperatives in the teachings of Jesus known as the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the Greatest Commandments (Matthew 22:36-40). This Mission drives everything we do as a church.

| Our Vision |

To be a people connecting with those far from God.

While the Mission is broad and applies to all Christian churches, our Vision is unique and more specific. We desire first to be a PEOPLE. The church is not "four walls and an hour on Sunday." The church is the people of God, called out for a special mission. We desire to live and worship and serve as a people ... the people of God.

We also desire to be a people CONNECTING with God and others. Humans, as created by God, are created to be relational beings. We are at our best not when we are isolated, but when we are joined together in genuine community. Eastpointe seeks to help people connect in community ... life is just better in groups.

Finally, our Vision expresses the priority we give to evangelism—sharing the message of Jesus' love and truth with a world FAR FROM GOD. Jesus was very clear that his primary mission while on earth was "to seek and save the lost" (Luke 19:10). Through our love for God and love for others, Eastpointe is committed to continuing our Lord's mission of making disciples.

Core Values

Core values are the fundamental principles that are “non-negotiables” for the church. They are the values the church will literally “die on the hill” over. Everything the church does must be consistent with its core values.

Biblical  The Bible alone dictates what we believe and practice.
Relevant  To be effective the church must remain culturally relevant.
 Evangelistic Followers of Jesus are passionate about evangelism.
 Community Life change happens best in community with other believers.
 Excellence Excellence honors God and inspires people.
 Grace We will foster an environment of love, grace and acceptance.
 Generosity We will lead the way in generosity toward God's Kingdom and the world.


These strategies clarify how we will accomplish our Mission and Vision.

  • Impacting Columbus’s east side communities by gathering together for Biblical preaching, authentic worship, and faithful prayer.
  • Deepening followers by connecting them in groups.
  • Serving the community by going to them in the name of Jesus.
  • Advancing the Kingdom by partnering with mission organizations and families.
  • Awakening the next generation by investing in them now.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Eastpointe Christian Church. We hope you will join us for a Sunday morning very soon. For more information about our church, please send us an email.